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Performance Tuners & Programmers

Cars and trucks can be greatly tuned today. All vehicles come with a special computer chip that controls your engine's output, particularly in the area of fuel delivery. You can add extra horsepower and torque including wheel upsizing, fuel curves, air/fuel ratio, gear selectors and shift points. From street racing chip sets through towing performance chips for additional horsepower and torque increase. There are performance programmers for most fuel injected engines including import and domestic cars turbocharged, supercharged, Hemi, Cummins and Diesel cars and trucks. Performance computer chips for cars by well-known manufacturers including Super Chips, Bully Dog, and Edge are widely spread and available for everyone. Dealers of car accessories offer a great variety of performance chips, programmers and modules to boost your ride's performance at a fraction of the cost of a major engine upgrade.

Superchips performance chips

There are lots of argues for and against using car performance chips and programmers. Some may claim that implementing of car programmer may influence not only performance of the ride but will also increase the amount of fuel your car will use. But the most pleasant thing is that you can choose between fuel economy and total boost level. Depending on the aftermarket improvements made to your vehicle, your car should run more efficiently and save you fuel, not consume up additional resources.

With a car performance chip, your vehicle realizes a much more efficient delivery of fuel to your engine at specified times in the course of driving. Replacement vehicle performance chips by Superchips or Edge will also help your car run more efficiently, resulting in slight increases in fuel economy. The main shortage of such technology is that with a engine performance chip you must remove and replace the original chip, which involves removing of your car's dash to access the chip. Changing your car's chip is very cost-effective as it is far less expensive than upgrading your car engine. And the best thing is it provides more benefits and is very gainful for your car in the long run. With the development in technology, everyone can enhance the performance of your car even without anyone's help.

With a power programmer the same results are gained as with a performance chip for a car, but in a more easy way. No tools are required to use a performance programmer and you can return your car to its OEM power specifications at any time. These tuners are hand-held and designed to work for most of the modern cars and trucks, providing more levels of tuning than car computer chip replacements. With a power programmer, you simply plug the programmer into your under dash diagnosis plug, answer a series of Yes/No questions, and the programmer quickly and easily reorganize your engine.

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Car performance chip will help your vehicle realize a much more efficient delivery of fuel to your engine at specified times in the course of driving. A super chip or power programmer can do wonders for your vehicle, making it a true modern day muscle car. You can increase the performance of your car or pickup truck without pricey and time consuming aftermarket parts.

Reducing your budget on performance upgrades is a good reason to upgrade yourvehicle's exterior, isn't it? If you're a proud truck driver, check out truck accessories by Bully on their official website BullyUSA.com. Do your truck's complete makeover, inside and outside!

Different automobiles require different mechanisms to increase horsepower and fuel economy and therefore the manufacturers of these super chips provide custom made chips for each car. A properly programmed and optimized computer chip will boost your engine's response in specific conditions, thereby increasing power and torque and consequently enhancing gas mileage or MPG. Increasing the fuel flow can actually help the vehicle to run more efficiently, contrary to what one might think. When there is more fuel injected into the cylinder on acceleration, there is less "turbo lag." Turbo lag is the time before the turbocharger builds pressure. Lag is between when you hit the accelerator and when the turbo spools up and corrects the air/fuel ratio. If you are looking for an extremely simple and highly cost-effective procedure to tune up your vehicle, then engine performance chip are what you need. These chips will allow you to tailor your car engine's capabilities according to your driving needs.


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